3 Most Visited Hot Springs In Iceland

Iceland has several hot springs which are natural. Most of these natural springs act as tourist sites which attract many tourists across the world. The hot springs can be used for pool bathing, swimming, and soaking. These activities attract many people as they offer them a relaxed and a luxurious feeling.

What are the Most Visited Hot Springs in Iceland?

Iceland is a home to numerous attractive hot springs. Almost all these hot springs receive visitors from the country and from the external world during different times of the year. The following are the most visited hot springs in Iceland:

Most Visited Hot Springs In Iceland1. Laugafellslaug

This hot spring is in Laugarvalladalur near Karahnjukar. However, it is within a remote area and you may need to use a 4×4 vehicle in order to access it. It has two draining streams which bring in hot and colder water to the spring. Therefore, the temperatures in the spring are well within the required standards for bathing, soaking, and swimming.

Laugafellslaug is surrounded by a rocky ground. The water from the streams enters the spring over the rocks forming a beautiful waterfall. This makes it more enjoyable as you can bath while standing. At the same time, you can sit and relax on the rocky ground as you enjoy the view to the rocky grounds surrounding the spring and the highlands at the distant view.

Most Visited Hot Springs In Iceland2. Grettislaug

This hot spring is in the northern part of Iceland. The spring was named after Grettir Asmundson who remained besides the spring for a whole night after swimming in it. Since 1992, the spring has been famously visited by many people. There is no any entry fee which is charged to the spring apart from donation which is collected by a local man to help in the spring maintenance.

The easiest route to the spring is through Akureyri as you head to Sauoarkrokur. The spring is not large. However, it can accommodate about five people. In your trip to Grettislaug, you can enjoy watching the hills over the distance. Camping and swimming on the nearby water springs is allowed.

Most Visited Hot Springs In Iceland3. The Secret Lagoon

This is the oldest hot spring in Iceland as it dates back to 1891. Initially, the hot spring was a place to wash clothes and to shower and also farming. However, the hot spring was later changed into a national tourist attraction where it was used for swimming lessons and as a tourist center. From the 1950s, the Secret Lagoon opened facilities which allowed tourists to soak and swim in the spring.

Up to today, this unique place remained in secret and unknown to many people even those in Iceland. This has been in order to reserve it with its uniqueness and its natural quality. Some of the greenhouses which were used for farming previously were later changed into facilities such as changing rooms and bathrooms from the visitors. The Secret Lagoon can easy be accessed from Reykjavik.


Iceland is a home to more hot springs than any other country in the world. This reason makes it to be one of the most popular nations in the world. Many people who like swimming, soaking, or in hot water always visit Iceland to enjoy the hot springs’ experience.

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