Best French Furniture Brands

Furniture has ceased to be just for functional purposes. Utility and comfort are still important but it has moved on to become a fashion statement. Nowhere are brands more important than in the fashion industry. With time a brand could also come to be associated with quality. The following are some of the leading furniture brands in France.

Best French Furniture Brands

1. Roche Bobois

This is arguably the best high end furniture brand in the world. This furniture company releases new products every half a year. All its products find their way to the top of the rankings worldwide. Bobois is an outstanding creator of furniture.

Best French Furniture Brands

2. French Heritage

This brand is known for producing expensive high quality furniture. French heritage has a history of quality and elegance. Products of French elegance have a silky feeling to them.

Best French Furniture Brands

3. La Chance

La Chance was established in 2012. It has, since its established itself through engagement with top of the range designers such as Luca Nichetto. Other designers who have been involved with the brand include Alain Gilles, the highly acclaimed Belgian and Duchaufour- Lawrence. The brand majors mainly with home furniture.

Best French Furniture Brands

4. Colonel

This brand was launched in 2012. Its signature design is the use of light wood, patterns and warm color. The design of this brand’s furniture is diverse and it includes art from all over the world.

Best French Furniture Brands

5. Petite Friture

This company deals with furniture accessories such as lamp shades. Its products are innovatively designed. They work to give the rooms certain shades of color according to the color of the shades.

6. Moustache

This brand also produces a range of accessories such as decorations and wall hangings. A subsidiary of moustache known as Domestic produces vinyl wall papers.

Best French Furniture Brands

7. Ligne Roset

This is one of the oldest furniture brands in the world being 150 years old. Ligne Roset has established itself as a leading brand due to quality and innovation. The brand has collaborated with Pierre Charpin who is one of the best furniture designers in the world.

Best French Furniture Brands

8. Gautier

This is a relatively smaller brand that is domiciled in Vendee Region. Its designs are of high quality and they are worth noting. The company has been in existence since 1960s. If it made efforts to market globally, its products would most likely find a place among the best in the world.

9. ChentDe Creation Co. Ltd

This company deals with furniture and other home décor products. It has a wide array of products among which are high quality furniture products.

Best French Furniture Brands

10. Oakland Furniture

This brand is known for its sturdiness. As the name suggests, furniture in this company is made with the world revered hard wood. The main selling point of this furniture is durability. Oakland products are also manufactured in other parts of Europe such as Spain.


There are thousands furniture manufacturers in France. The furniture produced is for local consumption and also for export. The French union for furniture manufacturer (UNIFA) states that France is fourth in furniture exports in the whole of Europe. Elegant furniture manufacturers are also available in numbers in France and some of the best high end furniture brands in the world are French.

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Advance Tips to Furnish Your Library

Advance Tips to Furnish Your LibraryThe library is a place to think and take in knowledge. This means that the furnishing for it should be in a manner that would allow it to achieve the purpose for which it is intended. The furniture should make it possible to retrieve books. The seats should be comfortable enough but also provide the right posture for study. It should also be possible to take notes and easily see a book on the desk when reading. The following are important tips when it comes to furnishing the library.

1. The shelving should make sure that books are accessible.

Shelving is one of the most important aspects of furnishing the library. One of the most ignored aspects of shelving is the simplest and most functional one, the height of book shelves. If your library is at home, the shelves should be short enough for anyone who needs to read a book to reach it. If, however, high shelves are needed for purposes of increasing the storage capacity for books. Appropriate aids to allow for easy access of books should be made available for the reader.

2. The Chair Should Be Comfortable but Firm

A reading chair should encourage the right posture is achieved when reading. this means that the chair should be firm with proper back support. Its height should ensure that the users feet are comfortably resting on the floor at almost 90 degrees at the knees. If the library being furnished is a public library, there should be enough seats bearing the above-mentioned characteristics for as many people as may need to use the library.

Advance Tips to Furnish Your Library3. The Desk Should Have a Blotter and Enough Leg-Room Under It.

The comfort level of the reader in relation to the desk is largely dependent on how proportional the desk is to the chair. The reader should be able to comfortably rest his hands on the desk while seated firmly on the chair. Some desks have so little leg room that it is impossible for the user to move their legs around. A good desk should also have a blotter in front of the user. This allows for easy writing.

4. Choose Furnishings Carefully

In a home library, the user may need to have a reading lamp. Such a lamp needs to be of the light color to make reading possible. White light is ideal for reading and there should be no shades to change this color. The positioning of the light is also important as it should not block the user as he writes. If for instance the user is left handed, the desk light should be placed on their light and vice versa.


For a public library, there should be a librarian. The librarian’s desk should be located in a manner allowing him or her to monitor all those entering or leaving the library. To protect the information behind the librarian’s desk, there should be an enclosure high enough to keep unscrupulous library users from accessing the books and equipment behind the desk. It should also be low enough to allow the librarian to easily monitor what is happening in the library.

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Travelers Want High Quality Furniture In Their Rooms, Why?

Travelers Want High Quality Furniture In Their Room

When people travel away from their homes they have different expectations. Their expectations are informed by their reasons for traveling. It could be for business or pleasure but there is always something they want to achieve. Whatever the reason for travel is, the travelers who spend their time in hotel rooms during their travel periods prefer high quality furniture as does a traveler who spends their time in conference rooms for the following reasons.

1. Identity

When people travel, they want to maintain their identity. Furniture labels have become a part of fashion and they therefore define the user. A person who is used to identifying himself with the brand of furniture they prefer might want to keep the trend even when they travel. Sometimes when a traveler is on business, they may want high quality furniture in order to create an executive identity as they meet for business. This is usually regardless of the kind of furniture they use while in their regular living places. Usually this executive furniture is part of an elaborate sales pitch. The places where they hold their meetings should have high quality conference tables and chairs and all the other necessary furniture for the meeting to be successful.

2. Comfort

Travelers Want High Quality Furniture In Their RoomMany times, people travel to relax. During such excursions, when the travelers are not walking, or engaging in the sporting activities, they spend their time on furniture; sitting or lying down. It is therefore, imperative, for the furniture to be of high quality. A good bed is a major determinant of the quality of sleep a traveler enjoys. It is therefore understandable that a traveler would desire to have high quality furniture. A traveler who would like to spend some time reading in their room may desire to have a comfortable chair on which to seat when reading. Such a chair could be a reclining chair offering the traveler comfort and convenience.

3. Appearance

When people want to relax, they prefer being surrounded by beautiful things. To some, beauty is therapeutic. Beautiful furniture takes time and high quality materials to make. In most instances, therefore, beautiful furniture is also high quality.

4. Security

Furniture plays an important role in ensuring security of cherished documents and other possessions. This is especially the case with office furniture. A person travelling with important documents is likely to require a place to keep the documents to ensure that they are safe. Steel cabinets are an ideal way of ensuring safety of documents. A safe may also be used. Some hotel rooms are equipped with safes within which the documents can be stored. The effectiveness of a safe or a steel cabinet is dependent on its quality. The higher the quality of the furniture, the safer the documents.


By and large, the health of a traveler is also, to some extent determined by the type of furniture they use. A person who want to relax at the pool side would rather have a high-quality piece of furniture to recline on. Low quality furniture tends to be easily in habited by insects. Such insects could be vectors to certain diseases. When furniture is of low quality, it may also end up causing injuries to the traveler who is using it.

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