7 Biggest Parks of the World

There are numerous parks in the world which have lands amounting up to over 1,000 acres. These parks contain recreational grounds, parking lots, animals and plants from many different species. Some also contain natural features such as valleys, springs, forests, lakes, and rivers passages. Therefore, they attract many visitors during different seasons of the year. These parks include:

Biggest Parks of the World

1. Kings Park in Perth, Australia

The park is located in the Perth, Australia. It has a big park land which amounts to 4.06-square-kilometer. The park has a Botanical Garden with many types of planes and numerous special of animals and birds. Therefore, it attracts many visitors who are interested in watching the animals and plants. Many individuals who are interested to see animals like kangaroo and plants like the baobab tree usually attend the park.

Biggest Parks of the World2. Central Park in New York City, US

The park is located in New York City, US. It occupies an area of 843 acres of land. Over 42 million people visit the Central Park each year. It dates its history from as early as 1853. The park welcomes visitors for recreational, educational, and even video shooting purposes. It is filled with plants of different species and a small lake at the center.

Biggest Parks of the World

3. Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, Mexico

The park was invented by the Aztec rulers in the past. It occupies a land amounting to 1,800 acres. It has a big forest with many types of trees, museums, lakes, and recreational grounds. The president of Mexico also resides in one part of the park. The park contains the Chapultepec Castle which is the National History Museum.

Biggest Parks of the World

4. Metropolitan Park in Santiago, Chile

It is the biggest park in Chile. The park was designed on a land which amounts to 1,785 acres. It has flower gardens, swimming pools, zoo, and a clear view of Santiago city. It also has the famous statue of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. The park was designed with the contribution of St. Christopher.

Biggest Parks of the World

5. Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, US

Arguably, the park covers almost the same walking distance as that covered by every resident in Philadelphia. It covers an area of over 1,800 acres of land. It has trees and plants of different types. Animals such as deer, hare, and antelopes among other animals also reside in the park. The Schuylkill River along the park attracts many people for fishing and paddling activities.

Biggest Parks of the World6. Bitsevsky in Moscow, Russia

Being inside this park feels like one is far away from the confusion and congestion in the city. The park offers a large zone for activities such as cycling and skiing during different seasons of the year. It also contains several animals and plants species.

Biggest Parks of the World

7. Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain

The park was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is a place that visitors enjoy viewing a massive woodland, ponds, plants of different types, animals and birds, and also lakes. The grass and seats in the park also offers a good resting zone.


For many years, many cities and nations have devoted their massive lands to design parks for recreational, educational, and even research purposes. These parks allow people to conduct recreational activities, sports, and physical activities such as cycling, hiking, and jogging.

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