Best French Furniture Brands

Furniture has ceased to be just for functional purposes. Utility and comfort are still important but it has moved on to become a fashion statement. Nowhere are brands more important than in the fashion industry. With time a brand could also come to be associated with quality. The following are some of the leading furniture brands in France.

Best French Furniture Brands

1. Roche Bobois

This is arguably the best high end furniture brand in the world. This furniture company releases new products every half a year. All its products find their way to the top of the rankings worldwide. Bobois is an outstanding creator of furniture.

Best French Furniture Brands

2. French Heritage

This brand is known for producing expensive high quality furniture. French heritage has a history of quality and elegance. Products of French elegance have a silky feeling to them.

Best French Furniture Brands

3. La Chance

La Chance was established in 2012. It has, since its established itself through engagement with top of the range designers such as Luca Nichetto. Other designers who have been involved with the brand include Alain Gilles, the highly acclaimed Belgian and Duchaufour- Lawrence. The brand majors mainly with home furniture.

Best French Furniture Brands

4. Colonel

This brand was launched in 2012. Its signature design is the use of light wood, patterns and warm color. The design of this brand’s furniture is diverse and it includes art from all over the world.

Best French Furniture Brands

5. Petite Friture

This company deals with furniture accessories such as lamp shades. Its products are innovatively designed. They work to give the rooms certain shades of color according to the color of the shades.

6. Moustache

This brand also produces a range of accessories such as decorations and wall hangings. A subsidiary of moustache known as Domestic produces vinyl wall papers.

Best French Furniture Brands

7. Ligne Roset

This is one of the oldest furniture brands in the world being 150 years old. Ligne Roset has established itself as a leading brand due to quality and innovation. The brand has collaborated with Pierre Charpin who is one of the best furniture designers in the world.

Best French Furniture Brands

8. Gautier

This is a relatively smaller brand that is domiciled in Vendee Region. Its designs are of high quality and they are worth noting. The company has been in existence since 1960s. If it made efforts to market globally, its products would most likely find a place among the best in the world.

9. ChentDe Creation Co. Ltd

This company deals with furniture and other home décor products. It has a wide array of products among which are high quality furniture products.

Best French Furniture Brands

10. Oakland Furniture

This brand is known for its sturdiness. As the name suggests, furniture in this company is made with the world revered hard wood. The main selling point of this furniture is durability. Oakland products are also manufactured in other parts of Europe such as Spain.


There are thousands furniture manufacturers in France. The furniture produced is for local consumption and also for export. The French union for furniture manufacturer (UNIFA) states that France is fourth in furniture exports in the whole of Europe. Elegant furniture manufacturers are also available in numbers in France and some of the best high end furniture brands in the world are French.

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